Protocol Design

  • Develop therapeutic protocols for use of psychedelic medicines by integrative health clinics and practitioners.
  • Competencies
  • Assessments
  • Mentoring and Mentor matching
  • Meds and Dosing
  • Interactions with Pharma and Food
  • Peer support network & sharing of information
  • Practice collectives
  • Practitioner verification

Program Design

  • QEEG Assessment
  • Transformational Therapies
  • Integration Therapies
  • Trauma Programming


  • Establish controlled substance protocols for clinics
  • Onsite Psychedelic Protocol Training (Ketamine and Beyond)
  • Leadership & Integrated Team Development
  • Integrated Health Processes, Structures and Governance
  • Policy initiative collaboration
  • Insurance information
  • Centralized intake processes
  • Centralized training intake processes
  • Professional regulations guidance for psychedelic therapies

Educational Seminars & Workshops

  • Governance Structures and Financing
  • Psychedelic Therapy Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Business Education & Workshops
  • Billing

  • Models for Integration

  • Action Learning Innovation Incubators
  • Clinic Systems

  • Clinical Best Practices


  • Facilitate clinical research projects with academic institutions, health authorities and industry


  • Identify appropriate sources for legal psychedelic medicines for clinics

Practitioner Database

  • Source qualified psychedelic assisted therapy staff for clinic owners

Partnerships & Networking

  • With other businesses, clinics and organizations for referrals, open-sourced resource sharing, marketing, research collaborations and other strategic partnership