Flagship Healing Centre

Our flagship location is Empower Health Clinic, located in Vancouver BC and opening in July 2021. Empower Health Clinic will serve as a centre of excellence for psychedelic assisted therapies and training.

Indigenous Partners:

Sacred Circle Indigenous Wellness SocietySacred Circle Indigenous Wellness Society promotes access for Indigenous People to health and wellness service based in Indigenous ways of knowing, through advocacy, research, awareness, mentorship and funding.
Sacred Circle WellnessSacred Circle Wellness is an all-Indigenous owned and controlled health and wellness organisation, specialising in providing integrated and transformational health services grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing to all peoples.

Member Organisations:

Psychedelic Development CorpPsydev is a consulting company in British Columbia, Canada providing consulting services to medical practitioners, clinics, health authorities, academic institutions and the investment community to accelerate the development of the psychedelic therapeutic industry.
Paradigm WellnessA team of Naturopathic Doctors who develop treatment programs that are designed to promote whole person wellness. Rather than focusing solely on symptoms. They delve deeper to find the underlying cause(s) and effective treatments, they specialize in natural medicine, cannabis & psychedelics.
Flower of LifeAn Integrative Health Hub that is women owned and operated, compassionately helping people empower their health with reliable educational resources, healthcare services & natural health products specializing in natural medicine, cannabis & psychedelics.