What We Do and Why We Do It

Psy Integrated Health is a practitioner controlled clinic management services benefit company, created to accelerate the development of psychedelic assisted therapeutic treatments, by providing specialized services to new and existing integrative community health clinics across North America.

We enable access to plant medicines in the broadest and most affordable manner possible in North America while sharing health-promoting data. We are committed to empowering decentralized community-based psychedelic models by supporting independent clinics.

We Are

Standardizing protocols

For working with psychedelic medicine, while individualizing approach


Progressive ownership and profit sharing

Community Based

Supporting integrative health practitioners


Without compromising care or paying less to the therapists


Bringing innovative structure, process & values into the organizational structure

An Alternative

To the publicly-traded centralized corporate chains

Role of Communities

Social and economic patterns of exclusion and extraction contribute to the downturn of local communities. Distant decision makers don’t have a connection with the community.

Recirculating locally earned dollars creates the process of pollination and has a massive positive impact on the local community and economy.

Through these principles group integration systems can promote well being and reconnection.

Psy Integrated supports local community-owned clinics because they serve as integral hubs in their communities and in our view provide a more sustainable business model.

At the heart of this, we support a new decentralized economic model where money is no longer just funnelled up and out of local communities to a corporate head office.

We believe in the sustainability and power of local businesses in their communities, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Those healthcare providers on the ground and connected to their communities have their finger on the pulse and are best positioned to make collaborative decisions with the input of local community stakeholders.


  • all parties to communicate and share resources
  • maintaining the quality of service and pay for practitioners
  • to keep existing clinics and centres locally and/or practitioner owned and operated
  • source out funding alternatives
  • connecting clinics with shared values
  • ethical agreement for all: partners, members, practitioners